The future of STEM is bright when it’s in the hands
of today’s youth.

We are a 501(c3) that believes in the idea of young researchers supporting their peers.
So, whether you’re just getting into the idea of research, are currently a high school researcher,
or were one at some point, we invite you to join our network.

Est. in 2023 by people like you.

Resource library

Our resource library has been designed to help young researchers in every stage of their journey. For those who are still skeptical of the idea that they can make a difference, we recommend clicking the “Their Stories” page to learn more about peers who may have had similar experiences yet succeeded in the end.

Getting Started

Check out some of our resources for getting started as a High School researcher. It’s easier than you think!

Their Stories

From all walks of life, our members describe how their paths to success can look many different ways.

Our Classroom

Whether you want to learn more about entering into research competitions, how to analyze data significance, or do background research on phosphorylation sites, we have all that information here.

Ask a Question

Do you have a question that you just can’t seem to find the answer to with an internet search? Ask a peer who is a current or former researcher for their input here.

If you consider yourself highly experienced in research, consider joining our network to be a content contributor. The most valuable thing you can give is the inspiration that others may use to get started.

Join Our Network

Our network is comprised of current and former high school researchers who now want to give back to the community. Networking is one of the most important things for professionalism at all levels, so we highly encourage you to reach out to a fellow member of the network for person or even career related questions.

Support Young Researchers Today!

Our mission is crystal clear: to nurture and champion the young researchers who are the backbone of tomorrow’s breakthroughs and innovations. The passionate minds we support today will go on to solve some of our world’s most pressing challenges.